Hi welcome, take a shit!

Soooo, there's all my latest work in here. You can check out my 3D stuff, there's a bunch of modeling, sculpting and texturing. If you like particles you can check the VFX tab (my favorite) and if you're a depressive pervert go on and check the 2D tab.

Oh and you can also check the short films I've made (moslty with Charlotte (click on her name it's FANTASTIC). Anyway, in the SHORT FILMS tab there's short movies (obviously) made in 2d, 3d, live action and some with a mix of them all. There's also a videogame but I cant seem to find where I put the files so you cant play. BUT if you really want to play, head over to the ABOUT tab and I'll send you the game. In the ABOUT tab you could also send me a message to tell me what you think about my stuff, we'll have a conversation, it'll be nice!

Oh and there's also the PROJECTS tab that countain details of some projects I've worked on such as mu bachelor 3D movie "HANAMI" and the animetober 2018!

More to come very soon so be sure to come back!!!

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